Our Services

While our precise services differ for each client, we generally find our offerings are similar for clients in the following categories:

Young Professional Clients

Wealth Accumulating Clients

Retired Clients

We have a fee schedule that reflects the comprehensive service and detailed analysis we provide, and we are happy to provide this upon request. General disclosures about our fees are found here.

Specific Services Detailed Below:

Investment Advisory Services

Whether you are in the market for personal management of your stock and/or fixed income portfolio, or merely need advice about choosing a fund in which to invest your 401(k) or 403(b) assets, we have the experience to advise you on investment decisions. We consider your financial goals with respect to income needs and growth objectives, along with your risk tolerance, to develop an individualized asset allocation strategy that meets your needs.

Financial Statement Preparation

We prepare financial statements for our clients at least twice annually. We assist clients in developing a plan for attaining their stated financial objectives, and the financial statements we prepare allow our clients to monitor their progress toward the objectives and identify needed adjustments.

Estate Planning

We assist clients define goals with respect to lifetime gifting and charitable contribution plans and disposition of assets. We also assist clients in the implementation of the plans their legal professionals have drafted (such as transferring assets to trusts and the appropriate titling of assets to minimize tax burdens) and monitor estate value relative to current estate tax exemptions.

Income Tax Planning

Each year, we estimate annual income tax liability as part of the process of selecting optimal investments. Income tax planning also factors into our recommendations for retirement account contributions or withdrawals, as applicable. For clients in retirement, we consider the taxation of various sources of cash flow with an eye toward minimizing taxes over time.

Retirement Planning and Services

Preparation for the transition to retirement requires special analysis. We provide clients with the information they need when considering the proper timing of retirement and helping them know what to expect when they retire. We also advise clients on matters relating to Medicare and Social Security benefits, and budgeting for and selection of long-term care facilities.

Business Succession Services

Business succession deals both with financial and non-financial issues. We analyze the taxation and present value of purchase payments, as well as help identify potential risks to maximize the financial benefits of the transaction to our client. We also work with clients to structure a transaction that results in the long-term health of the business and places the purchaser in position to be successful. Farm sales and the issues surrounding them are one area in which we have particular experience.

Other Services

We advise clients on a variety of other matters, including: insurance coverage, budgeting and financing for major purchases, management of real estate investments, and career and business matters.


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