Important Questions You May Have About Us

  1. What is Value Wealth Management LLC?
    Value Wealth Management LLC is a personal financial planning firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") as an independent Registered Investment Adviser. The File Number is 801-69158. The firm consists of a limited liability company doing business as Value Wealth Management LLC. We were previously known as Svanoe & Thompson LLC. These questions and answers are a summary of our ADV registration filed annually with the SEC.

  2. What services do you provide?
    We provide open-ended access to professional advice and guidance regarding all of your financial issues. This comprehensive service is proactive in helping you with tax, investment and retirement issues, estate planning, insurance protection, etc. as needed by you (and your family). We serve as the advisor who knows all aspects of your financial life and can help to coordinate other advisors and service providers who do not have the complete picture of your affairs.

    We are not licensed to sell any financial products and earn no commission from the financial products we recommend. We manage investment portfolios for clients based on our own research and portfolio risk-management process.

  3. Who are your clients?
    Our clients vary in age and have a variety of family circumstances, but are similar in their committment to financial success. Some of our clients are young professionals who are eager to begin planning for their future. Others clients are persons in the wealth accumulation stages of their lives, taking advantage of peak earning years to prepare for retirement. Finally, some of our clients are retired persons, for whom the focus is managing cash flow from retirement income and investment sources, and sharing wealth with family members and charitable interests. Our clients include multigenerational family members, single persons, married couples, and widows and widowers.

  4. Who can benefit from your services?
    Anyone who has financial, tax, investment, or estate questions, or who wishes to plan prudently for his or her financial future.

  5. What are the benefits of working with Value Wealth Management?
    Our clients gain improved understanding of their financial positions and progress toward meeting financial goals by reviewing consolidated financial statements that we prepare. We manage portfolios for clients, actively monitoring the fundamental outlook and valuation of multiple asset classes and securities. We tailor individual asset allocation targets for clients based on individual financial circumstances. We work with clients to coordinate their income tax strategies, estate plans, insurance coverage, and investment portfolios to achieve their financial objectives. We are able to access lower-cost mutual fund classes than many individuals can purchase themselves. We are also able to save clients significant fees and commissions of working with full-commission brokers. Clients may save income and estate taxes from awareness of changing circumstances and tax laws.

  6. What is a financial plan?
    A financial plan is an in-depth review of your financial situation, taking into account your goals and objectives and focusing on income tax and cash flow planning, asset management, estate planning, risk management, educational planning and retirement. The plan analyzes and recommends investments that can achieve your financial objectives.

  7. How is service provided?
    We have regular communications with clients and meet periodically as well. A comprehensive review and update of all financial planning issues typically happens twice per year but no less often than once per year. Clients also contact us with questions that arise between our meetings. We provide clients with portfolio reports and investment performance statements on a quarterly basis.

    Investment accounts are monitored on an on-going basis. Investment changes are made as needed, and clients are provided with regular updates on our research and investment outlook. We monitor the fundamental outlook and valuation of investments.

    We make trades of listed securities for clients using a “limited power of attorney.” We have either discretionary or non-discretionary authority to make trades on behalf of our clients. Discretionary authority means that we have the discretion to make trades in accordance with the individual client's written investment policy statement, but without first discussing each specific trade with the client. Alternatively, non-discretionary authority means that we first obtain the client's consent prior to making each individual trade. If requested, we will vote client’s proxies for company and mutual fund issues brought to shareholders, following a procedure for which we have a specific written policy.

  8. How much do you charge for planning services?
    We are a fee-only advisory firm. We do not receive any compensation from the investments we purchase on behalf of our clients, or the financial products we recommend to them. Generally, our fees are based on our clients' liquid net worth for our investment management and comprehensive financial advice. However, if a time-based fee is more appropriate for the specific nature of a particular engagement, we charge $225 per hour for our services. Our fees for ongoing advisory services are negotiated with clients on an individual basis, but utilize the following fee schedule as a guideline:
    a. One percent (1%) of the first $500,000 of liquid net worth; plus
    b. Seven-tenths of one percent (7/10%) of the next $500,000 of liquid net worth; plus
    c. One-half of one percent (1/2%) of liquid net worth in excess of $1,000,000.

  9. Do you offer money management?
    Yes, but specific investment advice is generally only provided as a result of the comprehensive financial planning process.

  10. Are your fees tax deductible?
    If you itemize deductions, a portion of our fee may be deductible as a “miscellaneous deduction.” Fees paid by a business for business related advice should be fully deductible.

  11. What types of investments are utilized?
    We advise clients regarding investments in individual stocks and bonds, open- and closed-ended mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, stock options, retirement account options, variable annuities and their sub-accounts, U.S. government bonds, convertible securities, municipal bonds, private placements, and commercial and agricultural real estate.

  12. What method of analysis is used to analyze investments?
    We do not use technical analysis or charting. We do use fundamental analysis, which considers economic conditions, company earnings, industry outlook, politics (as it relates to the investment), historical data, general levels of interest rates, company management and tax considerations.

  13. Do you guarantee investment performance?
    We do not guarantee investment performance, nor can any other advisor who recommends investments which include an element of risk.

  14. Will client information be kept confidential?
    We keep all client information strictly confidential. We have a written privacy statement outlining our commitment to confidentiality.

  15. Once a plan is completed, does our relationship end?
    Financial planning is a process, not an event. We provide ongoing advisory services which include periodic review and consultation.


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